We are sorry to have to delete the quotes from God’s Word, because Michel Potay, holder of illegitimate Copyright on the Word of God, threatens our host with legal actions.

These verses have been replaced by their references followed by the mention of the censorship in red, to show how absurd and baseless this censorship is, and to show what Michel Potay and his right-holders will be able to do in the next 70 years (Copyright validity time).

The ban on quoting the Word of God will therefore require more effort from you to research the studied verses.
God, the Creator of the infinitely small to the infinitely great, chose His words precisely in His Message.

Read the verses without the brackets to be as faithful as possible to the Word that God has dictated, the True.

  • How to join the assembly of Al Abdal?

There is no assembly of Al Abdal. No structure or organization, no hierarchical group. So there is no leader or guide or sheikh or master or pastor etc …

There is also no archive or record, no cash or finances, no account number etc.

Al Abdal is the name we use to designate individuals who:

  1. freely choose to follow the Way of the Return to God, the Way of the Last Creation, the Way of the 7th Spiritual Day, which consists in replacing the stagnant spirituality that remains under tutorship, by the incandescent and constantly evolving spirituality of the Depth of the unravelled Word, which will ultimately lead to transfiguration in the Image of The Creator.

  2. make the Bridge between the cold of the first genesis and the Oven of the last genesis, by giving advice to those who ask for it, in order to reach the White Flatt, the Hand of The Creator.

So when we practice freely the spirituality of the last genesis and help out those who want to do the same, we are inevitably an Al Abdal and we know it. We do not need the recognition from anyone for it.

  • Concretely, what should the one who decides to make this leap do?

In our opinion, what they must do to enter the last genesis is based on three main axes:

– Goodness and Kindness must turn inside brothers and sisters, and irradiate from them. (Reminding that in The BOOK, the word “brother” designtates those who follow the new Word, thus the new stage of spiritual evolution of humanity).

– The brothers and sisters, conscious of their spiritual maturity, should henceforth rely on themselves to evolve and to nourish themselves spiritually. For that, it will be necessary to study the Depth of the Word unravelled by the IRON. The study of the Depth curdles the Ha, which is the spiritual body, which develops. The soul or the Ha develops progressively thanks to the Spiritual Marrow that goes up to the brother’ head along the IRON.

– The brothers and sisters should be totally free from any spiritual tutorship, from any kind of idol : Messengers or prophets, popes, saints, apostles, companions of the prophets, spiritual masters, doctors or scholars, etc… Nobody should be worshipped, but God.

The spiritual journey to God, that has as the main compass the Depth of the Word unravelled by the IRON, requires a total spiritual freedom, and tolerates no intermediary between the individual and his Creator. This total spiritual freedom is the only thing that garantees to remain on the Path of the Return.

  • You are accused of Islamizing the Revelation of Ares. What do you say to that?

Just by reading our website and understanding our work, you can see that this is absolutly not the case.

In the last genesis, we free ourselves from any spiritual tutorship whatsoever. We give up all communitarianism, all characterization, classification, orientation or sectarianism. Our vision on humanity becomes a different one. We do not see humanity as separate groups who judge and condamn eachother, or ignore eachother. We rather move to the stage of the pure and simple spiritualization which unite. Each of us is responsible for their own spiritual evolution since they are mature and co-creator. Our only guide is the Word (Qur’an and Good Book) progressively unravelled by the IRON, in harmony with the evolution of human capacities. Our ultimate objective is the return home, to God.

The spiritual journey to God requires only one compass and guide which is the Word of the Good Book and the Qur’an as God Himself advocates:

The Good Book says, (i/5-6) read this verse without the added words in brackets – see censorship note on top of page.

There is no place for Islamization or Christianization etc… , of the Pure unravelled Word. The latter is, on the contrary, here to UNITE.

  • Why did The Creator, having foreseen in the BOOK the faults and errors of the man Michel, still made him his spokesman and prophet Mikal?

We are infinitely grateful to all the prophets and messengers who have transmitted to us the successive revelations over the centuries, which have allowed us to grow spiritually.

The answer to the question seems to be that The Creator, through this choice, wanted to make us aware that no prophet of any kind should be worshiped and idolized because he is only a man like any other, and it is time to move on to the next spiritual stage that no longer accepts intermediaries between The Creator and the mature, co-creative and responsible individual. The last genesis marks the end of prophets and prophecies and the beginning of free, individual, responsible, self-nourished and shared spiritual evolution based on active penance and on the study of the Depth of the Word.

(xxvi/14-15) (Read more here)

  • Why does Brother Suzane overwhelms the elder brother with his analysis of the Word? The elder brother is doing what he can to deculturize himself, knowing that he came a long way from his former position of prince of the cult. I have always read “the cuckoo his caress has the beak” as designating external cuckoos, the religious whose knees have teeth that want to harm the Word. How did Brother Suzane come to the conclusion that it is about Brother Michel ?

We have sent your question to Brother Suzane who was willing to answer you:

Here is his answer :

First of all, let’s talk about the cuckoo, and then I will address the different points you raised :

Here’s how I came to the conclusion that the cuckoo is in Mikal hilmself.

Let’s regroup the verses that use the term “cuckoo”. There are three of them:

(i/10); (xxi/1); (xxxiii/19) – see censorship note on top of page.

We notice that there are “the cuckoo” (singular) and “cuckoos” (plural).

The cuckoo is used in the verses (i/10) & (xxxiii/19)

Let’s start with the verse (xxxiii/19). Let’s see the context:


It is clear here that the madman is the one who remains attached to his spiritual beliefs and who tends to establish a hierarchical system, similar to that of the religions of the first genesis. God warned Mikal that “the madman that exists in him” must be eliminated, because the straw, which is the apparent religious system he comes from, makes the bed of this madman in him who is “the cuckoo”.

The cuckoo bird is a parasitic bird that embezzles, on its behalf, the nest of others to lay his eggs. The cuckoo’s fledglings then dispose of the eggs of this nest to benefit exclusively from the food brought by the couple of birds, that are the owners of the nest. The latters are totally fooled and exploited without their knowledge.

In the case of Mikal, the cuckoo is the madman in him who must be mastered to avoid a harmful influence on the received Word that may be diverted for his own benefit and kept in the first genesis

It puts back towards the first genesis, for the benefit of a new type of princes of cult, instead of following the last genesis that frees all individual and shows them their own co-creative power and responsability.

Let’s see the context of the verse (i / 10):


We now know that the cuckoo is the madman in Mikal.

This is the second time in this chapter that God confirms to  us and that the Good says to close the books of man! He insists because he knows that “the Cuckoo” or “the madman” in Mikal, the man Michel the ecclesiastic, may negatively influence the prophet Mikal and divert the Word for his own benefit, without Mikal being aware of it. It is only when the cuckoo in Mikal is mastered that The Good Book can finally open and that the Word of Mikal becomes complies to the Word of the Father.


As for the term “cuckoos” in this verse, they correspond to those you mention in your question (external cuckoos, therefore religious whose “knees have teeth” who want to harm the Word) by diverting them to their benefit .

You say that I overwhelm the elder brother with my analysis: No, it is not me who overwhelms him. I do not invent an interpretation to overwhelm the older brother. The analysis, as you call it, is for me a work which consists in unravelling the Word, and pounding on the knots. If the result of this work is overwhelming for the older brother, this is not because of me.

Brother Suzane