The Day of My Victory :

In the 7th Day, the Day of My Victory, the new genesis, the OVEN, all the causes of spiritual conflicts of all sorts will gradually disappear.

There are no intermediaries between God and men anymore, no prophets to worship, no spiritual master to follow, no popes or rabbies or patriarchs, no sheikhs or ayatollahs, etc…

In the 7th Day, only the Word of God, Original and Pure, is honoured. It is the only concrete link that can bring us back to HIM. That is why one must meditate the Word, contemplate It, accomplish It, and study It in order to reach it Depth, trough the IRON.

This work is mainly individual, then it ios shared with others to enable a faster and more performant access to the Depth of the Depths.

The active penitence is fundamental. It is also individual, at first. The active penitence insures our salvation, according to the Gospel of the Good ; However, to return to HIM, God advises us in THE BOOK, to use the IRON that is found in the Word to help us reach the Depth of the Word. The, the spiritual Fire gets inside of us thanks to the IRON, and raises the DEPTH and the spiritual Marrow into our head. The spirituzal capacities of our head become the equivalent of the capacity of nine heads together. Also, the depth heats the soul, which curdles and develops.  The soulk is our spiritual body. The more it develops, the more it enables us to approach the Image of God within us. The spiritual Marrow also helps the development of the soul and the spiritual intelligence, to ultimately  imbue our physical and make us reach Elevation and the merging in God, like the Christ. This is The Return accomplished.

When the world will understood this, the Iron will be researched and shared by all, because The Return cannot happen  without collective sharing. There won’t be reasons for cleavages, rivalry, conflicts, wars, antagonisms, etc… anymore. The respect, the sharing, the collaboration, the cooperation, will be essential to accomplish the Word and to walk on the right path of the Return. Every attempt to split and divide will turn against those who instigate them…