1. To share the Path that we think enables to evolve progressively and efficiently, without intermediary, towards the image of God within us:

” we belong to God, and to Him we will return” (Quran 2/156)

(xxi/5) read this verse without the added words in brackets – see censorship note on top of the homepage.

2. To transmit “The Iron” launched by the Quran and completed by The Good Book, and which is the tool that enables the understanding of the DEPTH of the Word.

3. To meditate and share this deep understanding of the Word, to activate the “spiritual Marrow” in us. This spiritual Marrow is the source of the development of our soul, which is the vehicle of our Spirit in the spiritual dimension. The more our soul develops, the more we get nearer to transfiguration. The development of our soul will eventually resonate positively on our physical life by extending it significantly.

4. To be Just towards the Word : to defend the integrity of the Word, Original and Pure, and Its free distribution to nourish.

(29/6); (iv/11)

Sharing the discoveriesWhat a Al Abdal does

No defined address, no hierarchical organization, no rituals or cults, no chiefs, no priests, no pastors, no rabbi, no sheikh… We evolve trough research and conversation based on the Good and on the Depth of the Word.         Read more …

We are trying to change the world by bringing a spiritual dimension to the religious beliefs of individuals. We do not convert since we are not a religious organization. The spiritualization frees the believers from the dogmas and from the yoke of religions and from idols of the spirit, in order to stick to the Word of God.         Read more …

To be a AL ABDAL

There is no assembly of Al Abdal. There is no structure, organization or hierarchical group. Therefore, there is no chief, guide, sheikh, master, priest, pastor etc… There are no archives or records, no treasury or finances, no account number etc..

A Al abdal does two essential things:

1. He/she freely chooses to follow the Path back to God, the Path of the last Creation, the Path of the 7th Spiritual Day that consists in replacing the stagnating spirituality subjected to tutors, by the incandescent evolving spirituality that is revealed by the Deep meaning of the Word. This would ultimately lead to transfiguration in the Image of the Creator.

2. He/she makes the bridge between the cold of the first genesis to the Oven of the last genesis, by sharing advices with those who ask for it, in order to reach the White Flat, the Creator’s Hand.`

3. He/she remains Just towards the Word by defending Its integrity, Its originality and Its purity, as well as Its free distribution to nourish !!