We are sorry to have to delete the quotes from God’s Word, because Michel Potay, holder of illegitimate Copyright on the Word of God, threatens our host with legal actions.

These verses have been replaced by their references followed by the mention of the censorship in red, to show how absurd and baseless this censorship is, and to show what Michel Potay and his right-holders will be able to do in the next 70 years (Copyright validity time).

The ban on quoting the Word of God will therefore require more effort from you to research the studied verses.
God, the Creator of the infinitely small to the infinitely great, chose His words precisely in His Message.

Read the verses without the added words in brackets to be as faithful as possible to the Message as God has dictated It, the True.

Under permanent construction …

The man who is deaf  (ii/17)  to the deep understanding of the Word, is fragmented. Your voice[i] is The IRON[ii]  “The Iron is also mentioned in the Quran, and the surah 57 bears its name[iii].”

Your voice is the Iron but the voice is not the noise (vii/4). So your voice is actually the understanding that talks to us internally when we read the message you bring. The Wind raises the Iron : The Wind is all the effects that the understanding of the Word triggers. One of these effects is to reveal the IRON, which therefore comes from the Word.

(xlix/4), read this verse without the words between brackets :

Adam represents the Image of God in us. Refer to The Book in Front for more details.

Adam’s garden is the place where one cultivates and harvests the spiritual food found in the Word, that the Image of God in us needs in order to develop and to finally reign upon us.

The Iron, which is an integral part of the Word, guards, preserves or hides Adam’s garden in the Word.

What enables to hide a secret message inside an apparent message? It is a codificaton or an encryption.

The Iron is the coding of the Word. It keeps, inside the apparent Word, a profound message called the DEPTH that is the spritual food that develops the Image of God in us.


What is the use of the Iron ? 

To understand what the Iron does, read the verses (xliii/14-15) and (xlix/2)

The Iron is therefore the tool that unravels the Word and allows the Depth and the spiritual Marrow to reach the brother’s head.


To summarize:

The Iron is the tool that enables to unravel or to decode the Word. (Read more here)

It has been raised from the Word thanks to the teachings brought by the deep understanding of the Word itself.

The Iron facilitates the progressive access to the Depth of the Word by unravelling it continuously.

The Iron has been first discovered in the Quran (xiv/6). And the Iron discovered in the Quran helped us to bring to light the Iron of the Book (The second part of the Good Book is called The Book).

[i] Your voice : is not the sound made by the vocal cords : (vii/4) & (ii/20).

So your voice is the understanding we feel and hear internally while reading the Word that has been sent to you. This understanding does not come from the Apparent Word but from its Depth.

[ii] The Iron : is an effect of the Wind of the internal understanding of the Word, which is the Voice that we hear and understand intimately when we read the Word brought to Mohamad (The Quran) et the One brought to Mikal (The Good Book). The Iron, launched by the Quran (xiv/6) is completed by The Good Book. The Iron is the tool that enables to unravel the Word and to raise the Depth of the Word and the spiritual Marrow into the Brother’s head: (xliii/14-15) ; (xlix/2).  The IRON is revealed from the Word to help us reach the Depth of It.

[iii] The IRON is mentioned in the Quran :

We sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the balance, in order for the people to establish justice. And We sent down the Iron, wherein is power mighty and benefits for the people, and so that God may recognize who, in the unknown, will defend His Cause and His Messengers’.  Indeed, God is All-Strong All-Mighty. (The Quran The Iron 57/25).