Open letter to brother Michel and his yes-men, about the entry 209 of his blog

Dear brother Michel (and dear yes-men),​

We know that this letter will not change anything about your arrogance to consider yourselves as equal to God, since you’ve changed the Word delivered by God into a word of Michel Potay in your entry 209.

Indeed, the chapter xli has been manipulated by you! We are going to argue merely on your first verse !

The first verse of chapter xli actually says :1. “I AM”

but you, man Michel Potay, make God say : “I Am here”.

In addition to that, the man Michel removes the brackets. Brackets that he had the decency to put in order to mark his own words that he added to the Original Word of God, like this : “I Am (here)”.

He used to explain then, that his additions were inserted to clarify this “lapidary” Word of God, that is difficult to understand.

So now, one should read “I Am here” instead of “I Am”, and according to man Michel, “I Am here” is what one should understand by “I AM”.

As a reminder, in the Exode 3:14 of the Bible : God says to Moses: I Am Who I AM. And he said: This is what you are to say to the children of Israel : The One who is called “I AM” has sent me to you.

And you, the yes-men, you did not react to this. You told yourselves that it is normal. The prophet has the right to change, as he wishes, the Word of God, since his word is the Word of God ! So, according to you, it is normal that “I AM” which represents the Extended, the Omnipresence, the ONE, the ALL, the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, is now reduced to “I Am here in Ares, in the house of the holy Word” ?

So, if your postman manipulated a leter that was destined to you, before giving it to you,  you would fiond this normal ! What happened to your critical sense ? You are educated and intelligent people ! You are seduced by the term “prophet”, like if you were bewitched !

It is obvious that there were no need to add the word “here” to help understand what “I AM” means. “Here” has been added intentionally to obtain something specific. The whole chapter xli has been manipulated for the same goal : Encouraging people to come to Ares to do the pilgrimage ! Why? Good question ! Think about it.

Here is a verse (10/10) that will help you open your eyes :

Their language will be without artifice; their margins will be pure of any gloss, My Word like a agile foal running towards his goal, free of the harness that doctors put on him, from the hedges that the princes of cult erect before him, all those who benefit from taming him and harnessing him to their cart.

How can you still believe that the word of the man Michel is the Word of God ? If comes a day when he’ll decide to make God say “I am not anymore”, so God will not be no more, and you will still find this normal because his word is the Word of God ?

His Word will be compliant to the Word of God when he will become the prophet Mikal who respects, accomplishes and diffuses The Word as Dictated and WITHOUT ARTIFICE.

Just and gentle, you will accomplish what I Dictate (29/6)

Brother Michel, you talked again about the Al Abdal recently in your comments, and you did not miss the opportunity to judge them and accuse them of various things, but of course with friendliness … love … goodness of the heart … and peace … (??) in this period  of pilgrimage that asks you to do peace with your worst enemy. (yes, sure !)

Hypocrites, they mime humility, saying that they are unworthy of the power delegated to them, but reminding My People that they should nonetheless go through it to find My Salvation (21/3). Doesn’t it remind you someone ?

Here you give a good example of fundamental christianism, since you its autoproclamed representive.

The Al Abdal have always been courteous towards you because they see you as the messenger of God, even if you have lost your way !

But going as far as manipulating the Word of God ?  This becomes extremely serious, unacceptable and scandalous, especially for a messenger who is supposed to deliver the message, intact, to its recipient.

And it is you who keeps saying that the Quran has hadiths in It ! But you are doing WORSE ! You are manipulating the Delivered Word which does not even belong to you. You forget that you are simply a postman  whose role is to deliver the Orioginal Word of God to Its legitimate recipients and right holders: Humanity. The postman does not manipulate the mail he carries, and he certainly does not pretend that he is the owner by imposing an ILLEGITIMATE copyright and he does not sell the mail his recipient.

Why are you deforming the truth when you talk about Al Abdal ? It is true that you have wrote once to the website Al Abdal, introducing yourself and  asking to know our identity, and you did not receive an answer.

We know your methods. They are not ours.

We did not answer your insisting question about our identity, because we’d rather remain unknown, since only the Word and Its Depth must appear, and be the only center of attention of our readers. Knowing who we are in person will only deviate the attention from the Essential, the Word.

Besides, why don’t you say clearly that you know in details what is happening in the website Al Abdal, since as soon as we publish something that goes against your personal objectives, you wave your Copyright sword to cut our tongue ? You have probably seen the first version of this letter that was published on June 26th. And on June 27th, you sent, through your lawyer, a notification of copyright infrigement, on nothing less then … the Word of God (?) (just that!!).  And this was done only because of 3 verses in english published in our website, extracted from the Revelation of Ares, and to try to close our website.

We reassure you brother Michel, our website has been temporarily closed and your good action of peace in the missle of the Pilgrimage has worked ! Bravo ! But do not think that you silenced us, we will be back very soon and even more determined to demolish the concept of the worship of prophets at the expense of the Word of God. 

You had attacked us once before using the same method, pretending that we infringed your copyright, because we published in our website “The Book in Front” that contained the Pure Word of THE BOOK, allegedly “deformed”, to accompany and illustrate the unravelled Word. It was allegedly “deformed” because your additions have been removed from the text. So, according to you, the Pure Word of God, without your additions, is deformed. And your additions are no longer a mean to help understand the Word, but they are now an integral part fo the Word ! You have even declared in a comment, that a day will come when you would publish The BOOK as It is now, but removing the brackets symbol and that you would integrate your additions to the Word of God ! What kind of diabolic fly stung you ?

Let’s refocus on your repeated actions of “peace and love” towards the Al Abdal. You have, on June 5th 2019, 15 days from the pilgrimage, that is supposed to be an act of pure faith during which we are supposed to make Peace etc… you caused the removal of 5 videos of 3 to 4 minutes each, that talked about the “Iron”, the “Depth”, the “Al Abdal”, “Open the Good Book”, waving again your illegitimate copyright on the Woerd of God. Even a simple display about ‘The Book in Front – edition 2019″, which does not contain any quote from the Revelation of Ares, has also been removed.

The strong king Michel rages by sending his lawyers pursuing the Al Abdal to censure them but with Love …  friendliness and Peace … of course ! in the middle of the period of pilgrimage !

We are not the only ones ! After some research, we have discovered that many good-willed people have already been the victim of his Goodness … his Love … and his big heart … and of his Copyright !!

Has there ever been a copyright on the Bible, the Gospel or the Quran ? Never ! and these brevealed Books made it through centuries without damage ! And you, you grant yourself a harness (10/10) in the form of copyright on the Word of God, allegedly to protect It. But instead of protecting It, you manipulate It yourself ! in your lifetime !! And you try to silence every person who dares to go beyond your understanding of the Word, that you fossilize !

You prevent the free sharing of the Word and you muzzle the freedom of expression when it goes against your personal objectives.

What will happen when the copyright will pass to your heirs ?

If you have censored us because you are afraid of the BOOK IN FRONT – Edition 2019, you do have good reason to be afraid ! Indeed, the Book in Front reveals that the Word of God shatters the concept of worship of the porphets and messengers, and confirms that ONLY THE WORD SAVES.

– because My only Word saves, only My Arm gives power, only My Forgiveness absolves (7/4)

The messenger is only a messenger, and the prophet is only a prophet, as defined by the Word of God. He is only the elder, and the elder must not become an object of worship. He is like the others. He is ONLY THE FIRST ONE, THAT IS ALL !!!

– His Messengers, He has not even made them butlers, not even officers of His House, He loved them as Messengers. (21/8)

We express all our gratitude to the messenger for having delivered the Wordof God, which is OUR HERITAGE to us all, our due, our right, but this Word should have been given PURE as It has been DICTATED and the role of the messenger stops there !

– Man Michel, put your crown down, get down from this throne; they are Mine, that I gave in heritage to all My People; all are princes, all reign on death and hell when they live according to My Word; I have crowned all My Faithful. (9/3)

Give us back the Pure Word, The Word that we are owed, That is destined to all of us, of Which we are the true heirs, and That you are sequestering !

You have not yet accomplished fully your role of prophet, nor of messenger, since you failed your mission by delivering and selling a biased Word, That you now lade your property legally and from Which your make profit.

We demand our heritage !!!! Give us back and deliver us the Dictated Word, the Word only as heard.

– Just and gentle, you will accomplish what I Dictate (29/6) .

– What you have seen and heard publish-It on the roofs…(37/4)

– Nabi you cut your nail (1) write the TRUE (xx/2)

Keep the copyright on the Revelation of Ares if you want to. The Revelation of Ares is a “book of century”, a “book of man” that you wrote and that you will have to close, sooner or later. Deliver us the True Word, the Pure Word, and more importantly, refrain yourself from putting your copyright on It, because It is of God and It belongs to us all.

Just and gentle, you will accomplish what I Dictate (29/6): The justs and gentles according to God, are therefore the ones who respect and accomplish the Dictated Word !

So the just Brothers demand that you give back what they are owed, and that you have simply diverted for your own benefit. You have acted with abuse of power, and now you are uncovered !

We cannot allow this anymore. All the Justices will be on our side, the justice of God and the justice of men, and you know it.

Give us back the Original and Pure Word, by abandoning It to Humanity, as the Word demands.

– My Word, they proclaim It to My People, but they do not abandon It to Them (3/7).

Currently, because of your irresponsible actions, you jeopardize the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Close the doors of the temple as a sign of expiation (33/3) meditate and pray for you Salvation before you re-open it following the orders of God finally !!!

And you, the yes-men, get out of this spell and this torpor ! lt is time to become aware of your misplaced worship.

– You will address Me only, all will do the same; against the sin of worship put them on guarde… (39/4)

It is time for you to leave the 300 maws, old voices in the slope (xlv/2) because soon those will be completely lost, like predicted by The BOOK.

As a reminder, if you are not reading the Word anymore :

– The Arm of God, the angel who exterminates, hits the souls who got lost in the arrogance, who stole My Attributes, who enjoyed themselves in all the abominations; like of waste the tempter feasts (26/17).

Those who steel the attributes of God are also those who grant themselves the right to manipulate His Word and to make others beleive that it is HIS ! They commit the sin of sins.

.. because you do not have the power, nor any more than you any other man, to overstep My Word nor to equal My Power (7/6)

It is clear that no man, including the prophet, has the right to overstep The Word of God, nor to equal His Power. The one who manipulates the Word of God is the one who oversteps His Word !  And the one who makes others believe that this manipulated Word is of God, is the one who equals the Power of God !

Lies ! You, man Michel, you will be an abomination to Me if you pronounce the slightest indulgence for those who steel My Attributes and deceive My People.(4/21)

And you, the yes)men, if you have the slightest indulgence for the one who steel God’s attributes by falsifying His Word and then by imposing this falsifyied word as being the Word of God, you will be a ABOMINATION to God !

The prophet who steels God’s attributes is worse than an abomination to God since he comits the sin of sins !

I do not share My Power with Peter, nor with any of My Witnesses, nor with any man; (5/21)

So, is it clear now?

Al Abdal/upright changers