Welcome to the 7th Day !


This website is under permanent construction, since the deep understanding of the Word evolves, like Life, in harmony with the cognitive and spiritual development of humanity.


We are sorry to have to delete the quotes from God’s Word, because Michel Potay, holder of illegitimate Copyright on the Word of God, threatens our host with legal actions.

These verses have been replaced by their references followed by the mention of the censorship in red, to show how absurd and baseless this censorship is, and to show what Michel Potay and his right-holders will be able to do in the next 70 years (Copyright validity time).

The ban on quoting the Word of God will therefore require more effort from you to research the studied verses.
God, the Creator of the infinitely small to the infinitely great, chose His words precisely in His Message.

Read the verses without the brackets to be as faithful as possible to the Word that God has dictated, the True.

The 40 years of transition between the previous spiritual Days and the 7th Day have ended!

The 7th Day is the last one! It will be achieved when humanity will have merged in God, like the Christ did. For that to happen, we need to change paradigms. 

Yes, the Truth is that the world must change completely.

The era of the spiritual adult starts. The spiritual childhood which has necessitated an education that was sometimes rough, has now ended. The adult, co-creator and responsible, can now fly on his own, to find the Way of Return Home, by himself.

The time of the worship of prophets, messengers and religious masters is over. The Word is unraveled and “runs without knots” in the hands of enlightened adults who study, meditate, and share it, to develop their Ha / their soul / their spiritual body. The more our spiritual body is developed, the more our Spirit (which is originally divine) will get closer to the Image of God within us.

The religious divisions will no longer have reasons to exist. They will be replaced by the spiritual union around the Pure Word and its decoding, that elevates the spiritualities of the past, into the 7th Day that will bring Elevation and eventually Transfiguration, like the Christ.


The verses (i/5-6) and (i/11) show God’s insistance to close the old revealed books and the Revelation of Ares, to open the Good Book* Finally, and to leave the Quran open. (see note on top of the page)

* The Good Book is the Divine Message, Original and Pur,  as Dictated by God Himself and through Jesus transfigured, contained in the Revelation of Ares, but without the additions and alterations made by the messenger.

The Purity of the Good Book and the Quran is essential, since it allows the “Iron” to unravel the Word as the “wool that runs without knots“. The “Depth” is being revealed! It heats and quails the soul, it seethes the spiritual Marrow, which brings us closer to the reign of the Image of God within us. At the ultimate stage, the Return to God will be done through Elevation!

* All the quotes in this website, that are followed by a numbered reference as (../..) with roman or arabic numbers, come from the Message of God which is included in the book « The Revelation of Ares ».

The corresponding verses were censored by Michel Potay who still sequesters the Word of God by abusing the illegitimate Copyright he holds over It and by acting as if The Heritage of Humanity were his property.​

Reminding that The Good Book is the Word, Original and Pure, as It came in Ares in 1974 and in 1977. So It corresponds to the Revelation of Ares without the additions made by the hand of the witness. For more information, click here